Sunday, 29 January 2017

Extended essay

Well I believe most teacher have tried their best attitude to persuade you that the extended essay probably because they're paid to do it but you try your best to think otherwise that it's hopeful. I just started the journey and I'm going to be straight up with no filters. Handing in the stupid proposal form on it's own was hell on Earth. As an IB student or should I say a student of the Aga Khan academy in Mombasa, you're required to have a proposal form that is suppose to be given on hard copy and soft copy thanks to a brilliant invention known as MANAGEBAC that lets people know when work is due, what work to print and the entire progress so that your teachers and parents never miss out any information that is suppose to be documented on a section specifically made for the "Extended essay. well I decided being the person that generally doesn't follow instructions, actually in my defense, I don't remember getting any other instruction apart from "Bring the proposal form in soft and hard copy". The soft copy came out in a form of a survey which this community is famous for and since I'm smart af (as fuck for those that aren't up to date with teenage abbreviations), I copy-pasted the questions from the survey to a microsoft document so I would just have to type them out and print because it looked that simple. The entire process took less than 30 minutes and I thought it was over when I submitted it on time.
A week later, my mentor comes and tells me;
" You have detention unless you submit it by lunch time"
I feel all sort of mixed emotions because how do you expect me to be done with the printing if I have class so I raised it to him.
"Sir! I have class though" I said
" I don't care how you do but we need to be done before then otherwise you have detention" he said.
I was done by break time which is way before lunch time because I roll like that but it's not the way things are suppose to work. We came to school to learn but I feel like we got soooo much of a responsibility and instead of the teachers giving us comfort they increase the weight on our back. That's why people get depression, act suicidal and get panic attacks. They say it's a perfect place to be at home but I don't remember the last time my mum gave me a detention over something so unachievable and so overbearing it made me cry.
If the school is suppose to prepare us for the world then I'm sorry to say but I don't want to know how the world is going to be like in the future. This is coming from a 17 year old that never wants to grow and experience the world and it's all thanks to school.